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3/4″ Diamond Edge Blades

Starting At $179.37

Comes in two styles: continuous and gulleted. Each style comes in either medium or coarse grit, depending on width. Coarse removes more material, medium leaves a better finish.

  • Continuous – quartz/glass, silicon, sapphire, tungsten carbide, green carbide, pyrex, firebrick, cement panels, cast iron
  • Gulleted – ceramic, ferrite, fiberglass
  • Either – granite, marble, masonry materials, construction blocks, composites, carbon/graphite, glass reinforced plastic

Blade length should be ordered at the mid-point of manufacturer’s recommendation to allow for take up.


Toothset *

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Diamond blades are used for Glass, Graphite, Ceramic, Silicon, Concrete, Minerals, Stone and Carbon fiber

  • Cuts longer and faster: The blades stay sharper throughout a longer life and can be reversed
  • Cuts smoother: Minimal vibration and high stability are features of the cutting action
  • Cuts safer and better: Their snag free action reduces the risks of breakages and allows more aggressive cutting
  • Cuts cleaner: Minimal waste, whilst the cutting action reduces chipping and cut surface damage
  • Cuts cheaper: Long life, high performance and consistent quality bring a significantly better ROI

Width: 3/4″
Length: choose from Menu above (full inch & fractional inch)


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