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Wikus Ecodur

Wikus Ecodur blades are carbides for non-ferrous metals and graphite applications. The ground trapezoidal tooth with a positive rake angle allows the blade to cut solid materials quickly and easily. The blade also leaves a nice finish on workpieces. The cost-effective blade has excellent quality and offers superior resistance to abrasive wear and tear. Achieve higher productivity with Wikus Ecodur carbide thanks to its swift cutting times.

With a long service life, Wikus Ecodur blades are dependable and ready to take on non-ferrous applications. Cut aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, and copper alloys in solid materials and profiles. Don’t miss out on these outstanding blades. Look at our great selection of carbides today to choose the right product for you! We guarantee you’ll make the right purchase every time you shop with Detroit Band Saw.

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