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Wikus Futura

When you need a fast and powerful blade, Wikus Futura is the best option. The all-purpose carbide blades enable fast cutting and impressive production levels. Suitable for multiple cuts, the blades are great on solid, case-hardened, tempered, and tool steels. Thanks to their high wear resistance, the blades have a long lifespan! You can achieve optimized cuts on tons of workpieces.

Wikus Futura offers smooth and quiet running with low cutting forces. Don’t worry about inaccurate cuts or less-than-desirable workpieces. Fast, reliable, and durable—Wikus Futura carbide is the best for a reason! The outstanding blade is a must-have product for all metalworkers, including you. It has a ground trapezoid tooth with a positive rake angle and optimized chip division. Browse our blade options today.

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