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Wikus Futura S/N Carbide

Wikus Futura offers specialized blades for hardened material. This carbide for hardened components is excellent for chrome shafts, hardened steel, and crankshaft cylinders. Thanks to the ground tooth with no set and a negative rake angle, the carbides offer unbeatable cutting rates. With undeniable quality, the carbides have a long blade life that offers maximum efficiency. When you need a blade with great cutting performance and superior surface quality, Wikus Futura is the option for you.

Take productivity to the next level with Wikus Futura S/N carbides. You’ll enjoy the increased efficiency and performance. Work smarter—not harder—with these carbide blades. You can achieve precise cuts in no time! Check out our blades and select your preferred product today. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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