Wikus Futura 718 | Carbide Blade for Titanium

Wikus Futura 718

Are you looking for specialized blades for robust materials? Wikus Futura 718 can help. These blades cut titanium, Inconel, and nickel-based alloys. They also cut heat-resistant and duplex steels, making these carbides superior to other offerings. The consistent cutting performance produces accurate workpieces with minimal material loss.

Carbide blades for titanium are necessary for challenging applications because they handle metals that other blades can’t withstand. Don’t cause wear and tear to other blades when Futura bands will get the job done.

There’s nothing better than making precise cuts on tough metals. The Wikus Futura 718 blades have ground trapezoid teeth with edges made of hard metal. Perfect for high-strength applications, there’s nothing too tough for these premier carbides. Add the blades to your collection, and take advantage of the wonderful quality our selection offers. Order a Wikus Futura blade today!

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