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Band Saw Blades

Band Saw Blades Come in Many Forms

You’ll find industrial and residential blades for every type of band saw and cutting application. This includes soft materials (e.g., foam, cardboard, wood, PVC, etc.) as well as certain metals — think bronze or copper. On the other end of the spectrum, if you need the right blade for slicing space-age metals, like titanium and Hastelloy Alloy®, we can help with that, too. 

Our Band Saw Blade Categories section

Choose your blade by the material you’ll be cutting or the specialized need you have. We carry an eclectic library of metal band saw blades that include carbide NFG, carbide grit edge blades, diamond edge blades, and more. Choose your blade by the material you’ll be cutting or the specialized need you have.

Our Process and Resources

Detroit Band Saw provides custom blades made to your exact length and specifications:

  • Weld-to-length blades
  • Grinding both blade sides for a smooth finish after welding
  • Creating a continuous tooth pattern after welding via blade grinding

Our Manufacturers

Like us, the premier manufacturers we work with provide some of the most advanced cutting tools in the business.
Roentgen USA began producing metal cutting saw blades in Germany in 1798. The hallmark of their business has been fine workmanship coupled with tough German steel.
Simonds Industries has been in the business of providing high quality band saw blades since 1832. From 1/8″ Carbon to 3-1/8″ Bimetal, the quality and performance are outstanding.
Since 1958, Wikus has produced high tech tools for industry and trade. Wikus blades are used where the highest precision, finest quality, and maximum power are required.
M.K. Morse manufactures a comprehensive line of hand and power tools. Products include band saw blades, hole saws and recips. When it comes to service, no one is better.