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Used Band Saws

What makes a used Detroit Band Saw piece of equipment different?

We go to market in a much different manner than most used equipment dealers:

  • We do not “flip” used band saws; we make them 100% mechanically sound before they leave our building.
  • You can feel confident that the minute our saw hits your floor, it is ready for production.
  • We go through every component and function with our unique process to make sure that all items on the saw are inspected, fixed, repaired, replaced, adjusted, and cleaned.

It may cost us more money on our bottom line, but we feel very strongly that this attention to being production-ready separates us from our competition, and gives our buyers an added level of value and comfort.

Why do you do that?

We feel strongly that there is an expectation of service when you are buying from Detroit Band Saw. We are sawing experts. Anybody can sell you a saw. We want to be able to furnish it to you with all the value added services you will need after the sale as well.

Our technical expertise, knowledge of parts, and ability to manufacture welded to length saw blades are unsurpassed in the industry. We have a strong understanding of how each saw operates, and how to help you if you need assistance in the future.

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