Refund and Returns Policy | Detroit Band Saw

Return Policy

All products are custom and made to order. Correctly making a band saw blade requires the teeth to be aligned in a specific way; this results in all lengths being +/- ½ inch depending on tooth pattern and blade size. Anything within a +/- ½ inch length is considered accurate.

We stand behind our products and our welds are guaranteed. Any premature break at the weld will be repaired for free, unless additional cracks/breaks are present along the body. We reserve the right to analyze defects to determine cause and take compensatory action depending on the results.

If a customer wishes to return a product for any reason other than manufacturer error, including but not limited to: ordering incorrect length, width, tooth pattern, or the wrong material, those returns will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for assessment of a 25% restocking fee.

Any returns that are the result of manufacturer error, or error on the part of any Detroit Band Saw Works (DBSW) employee, will be returned free of charge or eligible for the issuance of a replacement. The choice to return or replace is solely at the discretion of DBSW.