44-7/8" X 1/2 X .020 X 18W M42 Saw Blades - Detroit Band Saw
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44-7/8″ X 1/2 X .020 X 18W M42 Saw Blades

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Portable Band Saw Blades


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Product Description

These portable band saw blades are for use with your portable handheld bandsaws.  Our bimetal portable band saw blades are designed to cut stainless steel, pipe, tubing, solids and any machinable metal.

  • VarStraight Pitch blades offer resistanceto heat wear and shock.
  • Long blade life
  • These portable bimetal bandsaw blades are easy to install, long-lasting, and smoothly cut a wide variety of materials.

Also known as: 18 W blades.”

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