3 Metal-Cutting Band Saw Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

Metal-cutting band saw blades are powerful tools, but that doesn’t mean issues can’t arise during projects. Suffice it to say that trying to figure out the issue isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a newcomer to band saws or the specific project at hand. Read these metal-cutting band saw problems and troubleshooting tips to ensure you can achieve the final results you want.

Stripping Teeth

The first issue we will address is stripping teeth on the band saw blades. Of course, this is an alarming sign to notice while working, so what’s the cause? Common causes of this problem include excessive feed rate, incorrect tooth pitch, and hitting hard spots in the metal workpiece. By preparing for your work carefully and looking over each detail, from hard spots to feed speed, you can prevent your band saw blade teeth from stripping.

Dull Teeth

Another common issue you may run into with metal-cutting band saws is premature dull teeth. Unfortunately, this is one of the symptoms that can create rougher cuts in the metal, but how does it occur? Dull blade teeth can result from improper teeth design, feed rate, and blade speeds. Simply put, double-check your settings to ensure everything is right for the task at hand.

Something as easy as boosting feed speed can help your band saw run smoothly. Luckily, some blades can be quite accommodating to mistakes. For example, our bi-metal band saw blades can handle improper speed and feed on occasion, ensuring that band-cutting newcomers won’t ruin the blade on day one.

Improper Cuts

One of the most frustrating metal-cutting band saw problems is making rough or inaccurate cuts in the workpiece. As mentioned above, this can result from dull teeth on the blade, so inspecting tools before cutting will help you catch poor tooth quality before making any marks on the metal.

Likewise, this is another situation where improper feed, rate, and tooth design can be the issue. For instance, teeth come in many designs, such as regular and hook, so choose one that fits your application properly. When you have the right band saw blades at your workstation, making precise cuts will become second nature over time.