Why You Shouldn’t Use a Wood Cutting Blade for Metal

Tools influence the outcome of your projects, and there’s a reason why metal cutting blades are only for metal. Understand why you shouldn’t use a wood cutting blade for metal by reading this quick guide.

Risk Blade Fatigue and Damage

You shouldn’t use a wood cutting blade for metal because you risk blade fatigue and damage. Metal is harder and stronger than wood, so it requires sharper and heavy-duty blades to complete cuts. Wood is a soft material that doesn’t need a lot of “power” to be sliced through. A wood cutting blade overworks itself to cut metal efficiently. Meaning it will burn out faster and suffer from fatigue.

Furthermore, you risk damaging the blade when you cut metal. Wood cutting blades are exclusive to wood applications (the exception is non-ferrous metals). The wrong material can cause fractures and cracks. The increased feed pressure necessary for slicing hard metals can strip the blade’s teeth. Damaged blades aren’t useful, and they will poorly affect future projects.

Wood Cutting Blades Have Unique Features

Wood cutting band saws have coarse blades with fewer teeth to slice wood particles without leaving excess fibers. Fine blades with more teeth are ideal for cutting metals. The blade’s differences make them perfect for their ideal materials. You won’t produce accurate cuts when you use wood cutting blades for metal.

Band Saw Blade Misuse

A big reason why band saw blades break is due to misuse. In this case, cutting the wrong material can harm the blades. To keep up with hard metals, wood cutting blades have to overexert their duties. Working with demanding materials will lead to premature damage. It’s best to avoid unnecessary problems.

Importance of Correct Blades

Wood cutting blades are perfect for wood cutting, not for metal applications. Using the right blades for projects is important because doing so ensures quality and precision. Don’t risk blade fatigue or damage to cut metals. Although wood cutting blades can slice through non-ferrous metals like aluminum and bronze, they can’t cut harder metals. Stay on the safe side by using wood cutting blades for woodworking applications.

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