What Materials Can You Cut With a Band Saw?

Band saws are reliable for various applications. After all, people don’t call them “versatile power machines” for nothing. Learn what materials you can cut with a band saw, and consider this machine for your next project!

Band Saws: The Most Versatile Tool

Band saws are a versatile and powerful tool that you’ll find in various fabrication shops. The tool can cut thin and dense materials to create accurate slices. A band saw utilizes a continuous loop of metal with sharp teeth that cuts materials. Here at Detroit Band Saw Works, we focus on metal cutting. However, band saws are fit for different jobs.

Materials You Can Cut

Various industries like metalworking, carpentry, and butchery use band saws. Professionals use tools for different applications. Here are the materials you can cut with a band saw:


Band saw machines are excellent for metalworking. They hold metals in place as the sharp blades cut workpieces. Please note that there’s no one-size-fits-all blade, and you need different tools for specific metals. For example, bi-metal blades cut carbon and stainless steel, whereas hardback blades cut brass and non-ferrous metals.


Carpentry and woodworking require band saws too. The machines cut hard and soft wood that professionals use for structural pieces like furniture or artwork. Band saws are easy and efficient, making them ideal for precise cuts. It’s important to understand that there is a difference between wood-cutting and metal-cutting band saws. Wood-cutting band saws are stationary with a vertical design. They cut lumber without leaving fibers behind.


Professionals cut hard and sturdy plastic with band saw machines. Typically, people use manual band saws with fine-toothed blades for plastic applications. The blades create accurate cuts, allowing professionals to get the most out of materials and minimize waste. Plastic cutting is normal for the manufacturing industry.


A surprising use for band saws is meat cutting. Butchers rarely cut large pieces of meat by hand, as machines can slice animal protein. The band saw’s sturdy blade with sharp teeth allows butchers to produce various-sized cuts. From bacon to steak, professionals can create the right slices every time.

What Type of Cuts Can You Make?

When using band saw machines for real-life applications, you need different cuts for materials. The machines permit cross-cutting, angled cuts, relief cuts, rip cuts, and irregular slices. Depending on the industry, some cuts are more common than others. However, band saws are capable of amazing slices!