The Top 5 Common Uses for a Portable Bandsaw

Portable bandsaws are versatile and helpful tools. Crafters, construction workers who may learn a lot when they visit this site right here, and pipefitters use the machines for different applications. Discover the five common uses for a portable bandsaw, and grab your machine today!

Pipe Cutting

Whether it’s a metal or plastic pipe, pipefitters use portable bandsaws to cut materials. The bandsaws create precise cuts and accurately slice pipes to the right length. Using other machines like a reciprocating saw isn’t ideal for pipe cutting because the vibrations prevent accurate cuts. Portable bandsaws offer stability and precision!

Metal Fabrication

You’ll likely find portable bandsaws in metal fabrication shops because they slice all types of metals. They have horizontal sawing abilities with added mobility. Operators cut metal into smaller sizes and slice various things. For instance, you would use a portable bandsaw to cut bolts, screws, bar stocks, and metal studs. Portable bandsaws are metal shop must-haves because they’re high-quality machines and easy to use.

Decorative Cuts

One of the coolest things about portable bandsaws is their versatility. They have horizontal and vertical sawing abilities. Typically, people use vertical bandsaws for intricate cuts and patterns. Portable bandsaws produce clean-cut edges, allowing operators to create decorative patterns. This machine is great for metalworking hobbyists interested in personalizing workpieces.

Sizing Rebar

Sizing rebar is a common use for portable bandsaws. Rebar is a steel bar that strengthens and reinforces concrete under tension. Many construction workers use rebar while pouring concrete around structures. For precise slices, workers use grinders or chop saws to complete cuts. However, these machines produce a lot of sparks.

A portable bandsaw is the best tool to eliminate sparks and accurately size rebar. You can cut and trim the steel bar without any issues.

Electrical Conduit Cutting

Electrical conduit protects electrical wiring in buildings. The pipes are usually metal, plastic, or fired clay. Like traditional pipefitting, it’s important to cut material down to the proper size. Portable bandsaws cut pipes, and workers can bend and shape materials for placement in walls or ceilings.

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