Blade Break In | Detroit Band Saw

Blade Break In

Whenever you get a new blade, it is important to hone the teeth in first. Breaking in a blade can increase longevity by as much as 30%

Break in Procedure:

1: Set proper blade speed metal group and size of material to be cut

2: Reduce the normal feed rate by 50% of the regular rate for the first few square inches

3: Watch the chips produced

  • Small flakes – feed rate too low
  • Heavy blue chips – feed rate too high

4: As you break in the blade, gradually increase the rate until you are at 100% of recommended feed for that metal group


  • Recheck tension after making a few sample cuts
  • Never start a blade in a cut
  • Do not stop blade in a cut without stopping feed first
  • Some break in is better than no break in