Hyd-Mech H-230A

Technical Specifications
Capacity at 90°

9" x 9"
Blade Size 1 ”x 9’9”
Blade Drive 3 HP
Blade Speed 50-350 SFM
Motor Voltage 240V or 480V
Hydraulic Drive 1HP 600 PSI
Hydraulic Capacity 4 US Gal
Coolant Tank Capacity 30 US Gal
Shuttle Stroke 0-19" Multi-Indexing
Machine Weight 2200 lbs
Workload 4000 lbs
Dimensions (w x l x h) 60.82" x 62.59" x 67"
Table Height 31"
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Product Description


Machine Base The machine base is designed and produced with electro-welded steel components for maximum rigidity and support. This machine is totally enclosed for safety.

VFD Motor Heavy Duty 3 Hp motor with a A/C inverter provides infinitely variable band speed allowing for efficient cutting of various applications.

Shuttle Feed A roller in feed table and linear bearing mounted shuttle vise assembly provide high speed material indexing of up to 19” in a single movement with length accuracy of .005” per stroke. Driven by a Stepper Motor controlled Ball Screw assembly providing very quick and accurate cut lengths.

Front Vise Provides material clamping resulting in short material remnant length of 4” during automatic operation.

Blade Wheels High quality cast iron wheels with heavy-duty wheel
& gearbox shaft bearings.

Guide Arms Heavy duty, cast iron guide arms. The idler side guide arm is mechanically connected to the front vise moveable jaw, moving in tandem with the opening and closing of the vise. This provides proper positioning of the guide arm spacing, in relation to material width, at all times.

Blade Guides Replaceable carbide insert guides housed in two heavy duty cast iron guide arms provide cut accuracy of / – .002” per linear inch of material and excellent vibration dampening.

Powered Blade Brush Driven off the blade drive wheel the 3” blade brush keeps the blade gullets clean, helping to maximize blade performance and life.

Blade Tensioning Manual mechanical tensioning assembly allows for quick and simple blade changing. A LED display on the control console provides readout for proper tension setting.

Coolant System A pump delivers ample coolant flow through carbide faced and nozzle guides. Flow valves are present for coolant quantity adjustment. A wash down hose with spray gun is also mounted on the machine.

Hydraulic System A 3-position directional valve controls vises and head up/down. The hydraulic motor, pump, tank, and manifold are located in a conveniently accessed area.

Electrical System The electrical control components are housed in an easy access cabinet in the back of the machine. Components and wiring are labeled for easy troubleshooting.

Variable Vise Pressure Provides vise pressure adjustment, on both vises, when thin wall tubing and other light material are being cut. Minimizing application deformation potential.

Blade Breakage Switch a function of the PLC software. If the blade breaks during operation the machine will be shut down.

Out of Stock Switch Mounted on the shuttle vise, when the vise closes with no material between its jaws, the machine hydraulics shut down (The cut in progress at the time will finish before shut down occurs). Allowing for the machine to be left unattended with no danger of the machine cycling with no material.

Control Panel: Automatic Cycle

SINGLE PROGRAM: Carries out the cycle programmed directly on the working video page. After setting the length and the number of necessary pieces, it carries out the program stopping the cycle and giving a light and sound alarm to separate the pieces cut in that program.

SINGLE CYCLE: It can work with 1 sequence containing max. 99 programs, chosen among max. 1000 stored programs. It enables to run the programs contained in the selected sequence and at the end of each programs it goes to the next one BY PRESSING START ONLY.

CONTINUOUS CYCLE: Like the single cycle but at the end of each program it AUTOMATICALLY goes to the next program.

UTILITY STEP; Accessible from every cycle, makes the bar facing cut, the first piece cut and then stops so that the piece can be measured.

SEMI-AUTOMATIC CYCLE; Starting the cycle: the vice closes and the motor starts / the head lowers to cut / the motor stops / the head returns / the vice opens and the cuts are counted.


Full Capacity Overhead Bundling Clamp: Controlled and timed with the opening and closing of the side vise, a hydraulically powered overhead clamp moves down on the material. Very effective, and necessary for bundle cutting various material shapes & sizes. Can also be effective in dampening cutting vibration. Please note: the addition of this option increases remnant length from 4” to 8”. Hydraulically Driven Chip Auger Built into the base, an auger screw pulls chips from the base and discharges at side of machine.

Mist Lubrication System: As an alternative to the standard flood coolant system, an air mist system providing blade lubrication and cooling.

Laser/Work Light: Laser light projects a crisp line of laser light along the blade line. This feature can be used for fast length measurements or as a cut marker. Work light illuminates the cutting surface.


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