Hyd-Mech DM-1318P

Machine Specifications
90° Capacity (H x W)

13" x 17-3/4"
45° Capacity
Rectangular (H x W)

11-3/4" x 11-3/4"
60° Capacity
Rectangular (H x W)

7-3/4" x 7-3/4"
Blade Dimensions 14'10 x 1-1/4 x .042
Blade Drive 5.4 HP
Blade Speed 65-330 Surface Feet per Minute
Table Height 34"
Machine Weight 2376 Lbs.
Dimensions (W x L x H) 48" x 60" x 114"
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Product Description

Standard Features

  • Robust steel base manufactured from heavy gauge plate and electro welded components.
  • 5.4 Hp motor, coupled directly to gearbox
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Saw Head Assembly supported by a rigid pivot point. The down feed is controlled through the cut by an adjustable gravity feed control (Cut Control System)
  • Manually positioned Easy Swing head frame. Precise positioning from 60º left to 60º right with easy to read angle scale and is equipped with stops at 90º , 45º , and 60º
  • Moveable guide arm location on a linear rail for proper guide arm spacing. Guide arms are equipped with replaceable carbide inserts that require no additional adjustments.
  • Hydraulic Head Lift (automatic hydraulically powered head lifting in semi-automatic mode)
  • Hydraulic Vise
  • Mechanical Blade tensioning. Proper blade tension pressure is indicated on a digital readout on the control panel. Machine will not operate unless proper band tension is applied.
  • Equipped with a Safety interlock – shutting down blade drive in case of blade breakage and will not allow blade drive operation unless specific blade tension is met. Band door is equipped with a safety interlock.
  • Cast Iron band wheels.
  • Powered blade brush driven off blade drive
  • Cast Iron vise on linear ways can be easily positioned to either left or right side of the head. The hydraulic clamping vise is positioned by means of a rotary handle and quick release mechanism for rapid positioning.
  • The robust vise is equipped with replaceable wear strips
  • A centrifugal pump delivers ample coolant on the cutting area. The coolant flows through carbide faced saw blade and nozzle guides with flow cocks for quantity adjustment
  • A control console houses all machine controls, both electrical and hydraulic with head feed regulator, band speed control and emergency stop button. The DM-1318P is also equipped with a digital LCD display which shows machine mode, pieces cut, blade speed, blade tension, amperage draw of blade motor, cut duration, overall machine run time, head position language selection. Hydraulic head height selection using an encoder is controlled from the machine console.


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