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Hyd-Mech CSNC-100 Carbide Saw


Get the Close-cut Off, Length Tolerance, Squareness, and Finish of Cut That Your Customers Demand.

The CSNC-100 features advanced technology for high speed performance. With energy efficiency in mind, the hydraulics are designed to be highly efficient with low energy consumption.

The shuttle is powered by a ball screw and vector motor and features automatic multi-indexing up to 39” in a single stroke. This means accurate, fast cuts to get maximum productivity from your investment.

Featuring a 1” – 4” round capacity at 90°, 20 HP motor, and a 360 mm blade, the CSNC-100 is a versatile high-speed cutting machine.

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  • Mitsubishi PLC Controller allows for 200 programs to be saved

  • Job monitoring with cycle time, job duration, parts count and AMP load setting to protect the saw blade.

  • Material library with US steel grades menu with ability to add custom material grades

  • Bar feed features a roller bed with a material gripper feed carriage indexing via ball screw and AC servo drive. Shuttle speed: 7.87” per second.

  • Heavy duty saw head is driven by ball screw and AC servo drive with a patent pending counterbalance feature

  • Mist exhaust system

  • Patent pending blade cooling system
  • Air moisture separator
  • Bar retracts automatically for contact free return stroke of the saw blade

  • Universal Bar Loader for round and square material with hydraulic incline pitch adjustment and safety guard sheets provides inclined storage width of 42” (1070 mm) for rounds. Capacity: 4,700 kg.

  • PLC controlled automatic oil lubrication of all moving parts

  • Output sorting ensures trim cuts and remnant pieces are sorted automatically from good parts

  • Variable vise pressure control with dial gauge – two stations

  • Cooling nozzle
  • Blade lubrication features triple jet system to lubricate blade. If the coolant level gets low, the machine will alarm to alert the operator.

  • Hydraulic rotating wired chip brush rotates in both directions for proper chip removal

  • Status light indicating tower

  • Chip auger

  • Air cooled electric magnetic head break removes all backlash.
  • Built in hydraulic tank and power pack

  • Tool steel hardened saw guide plates

  • Power transformer

  • • Four blade starter package• Blade specs: 360 mm x 2.6 kerf x 2.25 mm body x 40 mm bore • Pin holes: 4/15/80 mm • Bolt holes: 4/12/90 mm


  • Auto bar loader for non-rounds

  • PLC program change

  • Bundle loaders – max weight 4 tons

  • Maintenance Kit

  • Long cut bar out feed motorized conveyor table in the following lengths – 1000 mm, 2000 mm, and 3000 mm