Differences Between Metal-Cutting and Wood-Cutting Band Saws

Learning about band saws allows you to select the right equipment for your projects. In particular, metal- and wood-cutting band saws are common cutting tools. There are CNC plasma cutting table manufacturers that you can rely on if you need metal cutting tools. Let us also check out the differences between metal-cutting and wood-cutting band saws for more information.

The Versatility of Band Saws

Band saws are versatile machines that can cut through different types of metals. Wood-cutting band saws are useful in woodworking and lumbering applications. It’s common for metalworking shops to exclusively use metal-cutting band saws, but sometimes you need to cut wood. In these rare instances, you may wonder, “Can I use a metal-cutting band saw to cut wood?” Metal-cutting band saws are sturdy enough to handle wood material, so you can use them for wood and lumber. However, wood-cutting band saws are ideal for this purpose.

Metal-Cutting Band Saw

Metal-cutting band saws are used for industrial purposes like cutting metal, steel, and aggressive material. These band saws are available in vertical and horizontal designs and complete intricate or precise cuts. Given the heavy-duty material the machine cuts, the unit is sturdier than wood-cutting band saws. One of the defining features of a metal cutting band saw is the ability to control the speed of the blade. Cutting harder metal materials requires relatively slow speeds that a wood band saw cannot achieve.

Wood-Cutting Band Saw

Wood-cutting band saws cut wood and lumber. There are stationary units available in a vertical design with adjustable features like a miter gauge and rip fence. The blades can cut through wood particles without leaving fibers behind. Wood band saws usually do not have speed controls, resulting in them being on one speed, which is relatively fast. This is ideal for cutting wood, plastics, and soft metals (bronze, brass, aluminum)

Preferred Projects

Woodworking or metalworking hobbyists and workers need the best band saws for their projects. Metal-cutting band saws are ideal for a wide variety of materials, and specifically, those applications where you need to adjust your speed. All of the projects that require cutting metal to construct various designs. In contrast, wood-cutting band saws are best for tables, shelves, wooden utensils, and dressers. The machine will cut efficiently through wood without leaving rigid edges.

Using the Right Band Saw

As previously mentioned, you can technically use a metal-cutting band saw to slice through wood. However, it’s best to stick with the preferred material. Wood fibers can clog the metal blade’s teeth, cutting wood slowly. Avoid equipment malfunctions by using the right band saw for the material. After learning about the differences between metal-cutting and wood-cutting band saws, you can use the preferred machine for projects. If you’re interested in band saw products, you’re at the right place. Detroit Band Saw Works has the best products, including metal-cutting band saw blades crafted with quality materials. Don’t look anywhere else for band saw tools! Browse our product category to purchase items today.