A Brief Overview of the Speeds on Your Band Saw

Cut materials at the right speed to ensure accurate slices workpieces. To understand speed and its importance when cutting, we’re here to help you. Check out this brief overview of the speeds on your band saw for more information!

What Is Band Speed?

The rate at which the band saw blade moves across the cutting material is band speed. You measure this rate in surface feet per minute (SFPM) or meters per minute. Depending on the material, blade speeds range from 40 to 15,000 feet per minute. Given the speed range, it’s essential to understand that different materials require different speeds.

How To Determine Speed Rates

As mentioned, your blade speed depends on the material you cut. Material, its width, and band saw machine ability influence speed. Optimizing the speed rate is critical for good cutting performance. You don’t want inaccurate cuts or premature dulling on your blades.

A good rule is to cut soft materials at fast speeds and hard materials at slow speeds. Soft materials are easy to penetrate and move through band saws quickly. However, hard materials like steel and titanium require extra effort. Cutting hardened metals too fast can fracture the blade and strip its teeth.

Always set your band saw machine at the appropriate speed rate. For example, set the device to 100 feet per minute for titanium alloy. But set the speed at 500 feet per minute for aluminum. It’s about finding the “sweet spot” for your cutting materials. Need help with the speed and feed of your project? Call us!

Importance of Band Saw Speed Adjustment

Speed adjustments on band saws are critical for metalworking because they accommodate various materials. You don’t want to under or overpower the machine because you risk damaging equipment and workpieces. Depending on your project, you probably don’t have material to spare. And you must get the most out of metals. Adjustments ensure that you produce accurate cuts.

Consequences of Improper Speeds

Abnormal blade wear and tear is a consequence of improper speeds. When you overwork blades, fractures and cracks happen! Excessive blade speeds create too much friction, causing ineffective production rates and dulling.

Proper speeds maintain the blades and prolong their lifespan. After all, getting the most out of your tools is crucial.

Need a New Blade? No Problem

Feel free to refer to our brief overview of the speeds on your band saw before adjusting speeds. At Detroit Band Saw, we’re here for all your equipment needs. As the top metal cutting band saw blade supplier, we carry high-quality tools. Please browse our product selection today!