3 Ways To Eliminate Drifts From Your Band Saw Cuts

Every machine needs a tune-up to work properly. In this case, you can improve your band saw to prevent drifting. Learn about the three ways to eliminate drifts from your band saw cuts and never worry about unsatisfactory cuts again!

What Does Band Saw Drift Mean?

Band saw blade drift refers to the tendency of the blade to change directions while making cuts. Typically, the blade veers to the left or right while completing cuts. Blade drift isn’t ideal for metalworking because it affects the accuracy of cuts. Essentially, you can’t cut straight lines when blade drift changes the cut’s direction.

Fortunately, there are ways to eliminate this occurrence and restore the appearance of cuts.

Use a Quality Band Saw Blade

The first way to eliminate drifts from your band saw cuts is to use a quality band saw blade. Often, the blade’s quality directly affects cuts. For instance, blades with tooth damage have an uneven set of teeth. If one side has more teeth than the other, the blade shifts naturally.

It’s important to start with good units like the carbide-tipped band saw blade because they slice tough metals like nickel alloys and hardened steel. You can also use bi-metal blades or other metal-cutting units that fit your projects.

Align Band Saw Wheels

Adjusting the band saw wheel also prevents drift cuts. The band saw wheels spin to operate the blade. The upper wheel keeps the blade aligned and on track. If it’s loose, the blade may drift, creating curved workpieces. Track the blade in the center of the upper wheel to realign the unit. Also, make sure the lower wheel aligns too! Ideally, you want perfect harmony between the two wheels.

Adjust the Band Saw Fence

The band saw fence lets you complete various cuts as it adjusts for blade drift and perpendicular cuts. Admittedly, people use the fence for curved slices. However, it’s important to tweak this machine component too. Align the fence to the band saw’s miter slot. A blade that’s on track with a fence parallel to the miter slot is great for straight cuts!

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