Articles & News – Detroit Band Saw Honored as a 2021 Platinum Certified Dealer | Detroit Band Saw

Articles & News – Detroit Band Saw Honored as a 2021 Platinum Certified Dealer

Written by Brittany Koenig
Director of Administrative Services

Detroit Band Saw has been honored as one of Hyd-Mech’s 2021 Platinum Certified Dealers, OUR 2nd YEAR RUNNING! Since 1999, DBS has been a Hyd-Mech distributor of band saws and band saw parts. Hyd-Mech has designed and manufactured quality metal band saws and circular cold saws for over 30 years, servicing industries such as aerospace, automotive, steel service centers, metal fabrications shops, racing, and more. Detroit Band Saw has an extremely knowledgeable staff waiting to help select the best Hyd-Mech metal cutting band saw for any application. Detroit Band Saw is up-to-date on all of Hyd-Mech’s new products and promotions

Selecting Detroit Band Saw to handle the purchase of a Hyd-Mech band saw, means selecting a company that is committed to keeping the equipment running smoothly and efficiently well into the life of the machine. Many machines include additional services that may not be available through other dealers such as installation, test cuts and operator training.

Detroit Band Saw has been helping customers cut their materials as efficiently as possible since 1987. DBS is a full-service distributor of welded-to-length band saw blades, new and pre-owned saws, band saw parts, coolants, and other related products. We also have our own in-house service department.