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Wellsaw 613


Wellsaw band saws are built entirely in the U.S.A! A high quality metal cutting band saw with features and construction that ensure accurate cutting, ease of operation, and long service life.

The Wellsaw brand of saws are built to the highest standards from 100% domestic components to guarantee peak performance for many years. These saws are entirely built with modern cnc technology. All of the band saws are now powder-coated and stay clean, attractive, and won’t allow the saw coolant to eat away the paint like typical band saws.
These saws will give you maximum performance, cut straight, and last for ages. By buying this domestic machine vs. the imported saws in this size range, you are guaranteed that parts will be available in the future. A full line of parts is available on all models built since 1933!

Big saw power in a smaller saw footprint. Rugged, American-made, Wellsaw quality. Designed for years of hard use when you need the best, not the biggest saw.

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Please Note: Due to the size and weight of some products, shipping and truck delivery must be arranged by phone or email. A Detroit Band Saw specialist will call you to make arrangements and give you the final cost including freight charges.


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  • Capacity:
    • Round: 7"
    • Flat: 13"
    • Rectangular: 6" x 13"
    • 45° Angle: 6" x 6-1/2"
  • Blade Size: 3/4" x .035" x 8'3"
  • Blade Speeds: 50-90-160-250 SFPM
  • Blade Guides: Six Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Blade Tension: Manual Rite-Tension®
  • Electrical Options: 115-208-230/60/1 or 208-230-460/60/3 Coolant System~~Tank Capacity~~Submersible Pump,~~8 Gallons~~115V/.6 Amp/170 GPH
  • Vise Control: Manual Screw
  • Swivel Vise: to 45º
  • Feed Control: Hydraulic with Adjustable Counterbalance
  • Band Wheels: 11" Diameter Cast Iron
  • Bed Height: 29"
  • Floor Area: 25"W x 60"L
  • Shipping Weight: approx. 650lbs
  • Hydraulic Feed Control
  • Ball Bearing Blade Guides
  • Perimeter Ring Gear Blade Drive
  • 1 HP Baldor® Motor
  • Rite-Tension Band Tensioning Device
  • Wet Cutting System
  • Blade Brush
  • 110 Volts at Controls
  • Overload & Undervoltage Protection
  • Precision Ground Bed
  • Quick Acting Vise
  • Adjustable Stock Stop
  • Auto Shut-Off at End of Cut
  • OSHA Blade Guarding
  • Tiger-Tooth Bi-Metal Blade
  • Coolant for Initial Start-Up