PNF350-2AV | Detroit Band Saw


Starting At $9,500

The PNF350-2AV is a manual non-ferrous pivot arm cold saw that is used to cut non-ferrous metals.

The PNF350-2AV miters from 45° left to 45° right. It also features a robust sawing head that can tilt 45° for compound miter cutting.

Featuring a 4 3/4″ round hollow capacity at 90°, 2.5/5 HP motor, and a 14″ blade, the PNF350-2AV is the ideal choice for quick, clean, accurate cutting of non-ferrous metals.

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Round Hollow 90° 4 3/4”
Square Hollow 90° 4”
Rectangular Hollow (hxl) 90° 7” x 2 3/4”
Blade Size Max. 14″
Blade Drive 3.5/5 HP VFD
Blade Speed 1700 and 3400 rpm
Machine Weight 462 lbs.
Dimensions (w x l x h) 61” x 49” x 68”
  • Manual saw head movement by means of control handle with a safety spring loaded trigger switch to start or stop blade
  • Robust sawing head can tilt 45° left for compound miter cutting
  • Two blade speeds achieve speeds of 1700 or 3400 rpm
  • Rotating table mounted on large roller bearings. Features stops at 90° and 45°.
  • Two pneumatic operating vises, capable of sliding in or away from the blade to adjust saw head in mitered position
  • Vises are equipped with moveable aluminum jaws which can be adjusted vertically
  • 3.5/5 HP blade drive coupled directly to saw head guarantees high rigidity and precision to obtain high chip removal rates.
  • Safety head locking device ensures two hand operation
  • Automatic coolant lubrication activates during the cut
  • One carbide tipped blade included
  • T2500 chip collector
  • Pneumatic vertical vise
  • Material stop with ruler
  • Roller table & accessories