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Coolant King Water Soluble Oil



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Designed for all cutting and turning applications when a soluble oil is desired. Coolant King is an excellent choice of machining materials such as titanium, inconel 718, rene 41, waspalloy, cobalt based super alloys, aluminum, stainless steel, and other aerospace materials.

  • Water Soluble Oil
  • Bacteria & Mold Control
  • Increase tool life

See the MSDS

Coolant King is very compatible with all machining applications. Exceptionally good bacteria and mold control ensure a long life and minimize the use of other additives. Outstanding lubricity and corrosion control with EP additives provide long tool life.

CLICK on the product photo to view the MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet. Please Note: the purchase of a 55-Gallon drum will require special delivery. A Detroit Band Saw specialist will call you to finalize shipping arrangments and cost.


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