Hyd-Mech H-10A Horizontal, Dual Post Band Saw Video | Detroit Band Saw

Hyd-Mech H-10A Horizontal, Dual Post Band Saw Video

In this video, you will see an overview of the Hyd-Mech H-10A. The H-10A is a fully automatic, horizontal, dual post band saw. You will see standard, cost effective, features of the machine such as: powered blade brush, split vise, shuttle feed, and an energy saving 5HP variable frequency drive. You will also see optional, factory installed, features to customize this machine for any industry. The optional accessories in the video are variable vise pressure and overhead bundling clamp. Variable vise pressure provides pressure adjustment for thin wall tubing and other light materials—this reduces the potential for application deformation. The bundling clamp is an overhead, hydraulic, clamp that assists the side vise in keeping material of all various shapes and sizes in place. The box design and caging system keeps both the saw operator and any others near the work space safe. Lastly, you will get a close view of the control panel that has the capacity to store 999 jobs with 100 in queue.