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Band Saw Set Up & Training

Band Saw Set Up & Training – when buying new band saw

Detroit Band Saw


Upon receiving our saw, we ask that you unload the machine from the truck and place it on your floor where you wish to have it in service. Place the machine on the leveling pads provided and run power to the machine–That’s it, you’re done!

Once the above requirements are arranged to be completed–a Detroit Band Saw representative will come in.

Detroit Band Saw will:

Set your machine up
Make test cuts to ensure it is running properly
Train your operators on the correct use of the machine.
Train your maintenance department on all important aspects of keeping your machine running smoothly.
These services are all included in the price. Your warranty on this machine is a 2 year parts warranty with one year of labor included. If you are in need of warranty work, Detroit Band saw will be at your facility 24-72 hours after contacting us, guaranteed! We are committed to keeping your equipment running smoothly and taking care of you after the sale.

Questions? Contact Us or call us at 877-421-3636.