***SOLD*** Used HYD-MECH V-18APC | Detroit Band Saw

***SOLD*** Used HYD-MECH V-18APC

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Automatic VERTICAL Band Saw

The V-18APC features a hydraulic activated mechanical head brake, linear bearings on bar feed, high speed PLC encoder that monitors head angular position, a two piece design and a halogen work lamp.

Stock # 065
Serial Number K0500220
Dimensions 97”H x 120”W x 143” L
Weight 7,500 lbs



@45 ° Left or Right





Blade 14’11 x 1-1/4
Blade Speed 65-385 SFM w 39:1 gearbox
Blade Tension Hydraulic
Blade Guides Carbide
Wheel Diameter 19”
Motor 7-1/2 HP Blade Drive
Hydraulic Drive 2 HP
Hyd Pump 6-1/2 GPM
Coolant Pump 3-1/2 GPM
Vises Hyd. Full Stroke
Head Swing Hyd. Positioned and Locked.  Full 45° Left or Right
Table Height 38”
Feed System Independent Feed Rate and Feed Force
System Pressure 900 PSI
Tank Capacity Hyd. 7 US Gallons
Coolant 30 Gallons
Guide Arm Hyd. Positioned and Locked