**SOLD** Used HEM H160XL-DC - Detroit Band Saw
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**SOLD** Used HEM H160XL-DC

Stock Number         047
Serial Number         304089
Year                           1989
Capacity                   36W x 25” H
Blade Size                24’ x 2” x .063
Hydraulic Motor    5 HP
Motor                       15 HP
Operation                Manual

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Product Description

24” Roller Discharge Table
Adjustable Clamping Force
Adjustable Cutting Force
Adjustable Feed Rate
Blade Chip Brush
Broken Blade Indicator
Carbide Blade Guides
Flood Coolant System w/ Wash-Down Hose
Full Stroking Main Vise
Guide Cap Camlocks
Powered Blade Tension
Powered Guide Arm
Push Button Blade Speed w/LED Readout
Safety Guards
Swing Away Control
Lead In Roller Guides
Operator Control Mounted on Saw
Front Clamp