P350 | Detroit Band Saw


Starting At $7900

The P350 is a manual pivot arm cold saw ideal for use in small job shops. The P350 miters from 45° left to 45° right.

Featuring a 4 1/2″ round hollow capacity, 1.5/3 HP motor, and 14″ blade, the P350 is the ideal choice for quick, clean, accurate metal cutting.

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Round Hollow 90° 4 1/2”
Square Hollow 90° 4”
Rectangular Hollow (hxl) 90° 5 1/8” x 3 1/8”
Blade Size Max. 14″ Min. 12″
Blade Drive 3 HP VFD
Blade Speed 30/60 rpm
Machine Weight 575 lbs.
Dimensions (w x l x h) 50” x 46” x 70”
  • Manually operated
  • Saw head movement by means of control handle with safety spring loaded trigger switch to start and stop blade
  • Robust sawing head miters 45° left and 45° right
  • Includes saw base
  • Two blade speed of 30 and 60 rpm
  • Movement of both head and vise to permit slotting or lengthwise cuts
  • Vise quick clamp and release lever
  • Adjustable manual vise with anti-burr clamp, clamps both sides of the cut
  • Material work stop rod for multiple cuts of the same length Flood coolant with electrical coolant pump
  • One blade included
  • “Flip over” material stops with 60” ruler
  • R2 ruler extensions for out feed roller tables
  • Material stop with ruler
  • K40 5’ roller table
  • Roller table support stands (extra legs)
  • Roller table adapter – required if ordering roller table for out feed
  • HSS Oxide Coated Blade