Hyd-Mech bandsaws, no lead times! | Detroit Band Saw

I just wanted to let you know that when you were talking, I was listening. Too many times when quoting a Hyd-Mech band saw things were going smoothly until the dreaded conversation regarding lead time. Was that a pin drop I heard after telling you the saw would be ready in 17-24 weeks? We live in a world that when we want something, we want it now (guilty as charged!). In an effort to comply with the high demand of Hyd-Mech saws, Detroit Band Saw has purchased three brand new machines that are waiting and ready to be put on your shop floor.

S-20: The S-20 is Manual saw with a swing head design is ideal for use in tight working spaces. This saw is perfect for light or medium duty applications

S-20P: The S-20P is a semi-automatic miter head saw that is also perfect for light or medium duty applications. This machine has an LCD display to show: the machine mode, pieces cut, blade tension, blade speed, amperage draw of blade motor, cut duration, overall machine run time and head position.

H-14A: The H-14A is a fully automatic horizontal band saw. We purchased this machine with the following options: Hydraulic Overhead Bundling, Laser Light, and Variable Vise Pressure. The H-14A provides a 90 degree cutting angle. This machine is perfect for medium to heavy-duty applications.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like a quote, give me a call–I’d be happy to help.

Keep Cutting,

Joe Bandsaw