Cutting Fluid | Detroit Band Saw

Most industrial band saws cutting metal should be using some sort of a cutting fluid/lubricoolant. When used properly, coolant should: wash chips out of the blade’s gullets, cool the “tooth” tips to reduce heat damage, and lubricate the cut to reduce heat caused by cutting friction. Using the proper fluid will prolong the life of your band saw blade. In order to ensure proper dilution, a mixing ratio is printed on each label. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for every fluid we offer.

Cutting fluid should not be used when cutting materials that produce a powder, such as gray iron.

We carry a full line of Pure Synthetic and Semi Synthetic Coolants. We also carry Water Soluble Oils and Environmental Clean-Up products. You can check out our full line of cutting fluid.

If you are unsure which fluid you should be using, give us a call–we would be happy to help!

Keep cutting,
Joe Bandsaw