As spring approaches and the weather starts to improve, I am a bit puzzled by the increased interest in sawing fluid for cold weather. Either we have a lot of customers who are preparing well in advance for the next winter, or we have many customers that weren’t prepared for last winter! Either way, I have a solution to keep your coolant from freezing. Not only are a lot of people out there that have a band saw in a barn, or unheated shop – but many steel yards have saws or saw shacks set up in the middle of their lots where their steel is stored. Instead of moving the material into the facility to be cut – they just cut it where it sits. The biggest problem with that is….. how can you keep your coolant from freezing in the winter?
HURRAY!! I have the solution for you. You need to purchase Koldspot. You DO NOT mix it, just pour it into your saw and use as your cutting lubricant. It can withstand cold temperatures up to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It is specifically designed for cold weather. And I hope you dont need it for many months to come….!
-Joe Bandsaw