FAQ – Payment Options

Line of Payment Options FAQs (Fequently Asked Questions)

Detroit Band Saw provides you with payment options including a DBS credit terms. Please read these common questions on payment options. For additional information, please call us at 877-421-3636.
If I don’t want to pay for a band saw with a credit card, what other options do I have?

You can lease-to-own a saw or blades from Detroit Band Saw or you can set up terms with us. To lease a bandsaw, please call us at 877-421-3636. To purchase a saw with credit terms, please fill out our credit application and fax it to 734-421-0259. If you are tax exempt, please fill out our tax exempt forms and fax them to us.

How do I apply for credit with Detroit Band Saw Works?

Print and fill out our credit application and fax it to our office.

How soon after I apply will I know whether I qualify?

We usually can inform you within 24 hours of a work day if your application has been accepted.

What is the fax number?

Our fax number is 734-421-0259.

What products can I purchase on terms?

You can use your line of credit on all products sold by Detroit Band Saw.

When do I need to pay off the balance?

The terms are net 30. The balance needs to be paid when your invoice is due, which is 30 days after purchase.

Do I have to apply a second time to purchase a second item on credit?

No. We will keep your information on file in our office.

How do I purchase items after my credit terms has been accepted?

Orders on Terms can be faxed, emailed, or phoned into Detroit Band Saw.
27790 Joy Road Livonia, MI 48150
PH: (877) 421-3636
FX: (734) 421-0259