***SOLD***Used Hyd-Mech H-12 A | Detroit Band Saw

***SOLD***Used Hyd-Mech H-12 A

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Used Hyd-Mech H-12A

Excellent horizontal saw for all your cutting needs. Really nice unit, very clean functions very well.

What makes a used Detroit Band Saw piece of equipment different?

We go to market in a much different manner than most used equipment dealers:

We do not “flip” used band saws; we make them 100% mechanically sound before they leave our building
You can feel confident that the minute our saw hits your floor, it is ready for production
We go through every component and function with our unique process to make sure that all items on the saw are inspected, fixed, repaired, replaced, adjusted, and cleaned.

It may cost us more money on our bottom line, but we feel very strongly that this attention to being production-ready separates us from our competition, and gives our buyers an added level of value and comfort.

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Used Hyd-Mech H-12A

Capacity round 12″ dia
rectangular 12″ x 12″
Blade: length 13′ 6″
width 1″
thickness .035″
Blade: Speed 75-400 SFM (with VFD option, 50-350)
Blade: Tension manual (26,000 psi)
Blade: Guides carbides (coolant lubricated)
Blade: Wheel Diameter 16″ diameter
Motors: blade drive 3hp, 5HP optional
hydraulic 2hp
Pumps: hydraulic pump 6 1/2 gpm
(pressure compensated)
coolant pump 3 1/2 gpm
Hydraulic Tank 7.5 US gallons
Coolant Tank 23 US gallons
Hydraulic System Pressure 500 psi
Vise Control hydraulic
Shuttle Stroke 0-22″ single stroke multi shuttle capability
Table Height 31″
Control Panel waist height
Machine Weight 3800 lbs.
Maximum Workload 6000 lbs.
Overall Dimensions 88″ W x 78″ L x 68″ H