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Universal Plus is an excellent choice of lubricoolant for machining aluminum if you prefer to use just one lubricoolant in all of your metalworking applications.
Universal Plus has good rust protection, excellent boundary lubrication, and it does not contain sulphur, chlorine, nitrates, mineral oils, or heavy duty salts.

Universal Plus is stable and odor free; non-smoking and non-fogging in use, with no residual contamination of the work place. Will not attack paint, exotic metal, bearings or pumps.
For dedicated grinding applications<BR>use Grindzal
Dilution ratio is from 10 to 1 through 20 to 1; Dilute with water

Please Note: the purchase of a 55-Gallon drum will require special delivery. A Detroit Band Saw specialist will call you to finalize shipping arrangments and cost.</P>”


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