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Extreme Kleane Machine Cleaner 1, 5, or 55 gal





Extreme Kleane will clean and maintain your pump or sump system.  To maintain a clean coolant system:

  1. Drain all fluid from the tank
  2. Add enough Extreme Kleane to fill your pump
  3. Pump it through your system.
  4. Run your machine for 15 – 20 minutes to complete the cleaning process.
  5. Drain the sump cleaner and add new coolant fluid.

We recommend our clients maintain their machinery with Extreme Kleane twice a year.
1 gallon of Extreme Kleane with 25 gallons of water will thoroughly clean most dedicated machine tools. Proper maintenance of your metalworking machines and sumps is critical when tool life, coolant life, and operator safety are important to you. Extreme Kleane machine and sump cleaner will clean your machine sump making coolant change over easy. Make Extreme Kleane part of your regular maintenance schedule and make bacteria and unwanted oil on and in your machinery a thing of the past.

Please Note: the purchase of a 55-Gallon drum will require special delivery. A Detroit Band Saw specialist will call you to finalize shipping arrangments and cost.


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