Blu-Mol® Bi-Metal 20 Pc Industrial Hole Saw Kit


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Includes: 1 each 3/4″(19mm), 7/8″(22mm), 1-1/8″(29mm), 1-3/8″(35mm), 1-1/2″(38mm), 1-3/4″(44mm), 2″(51mm), 2-1/4″(57mm), 2-1/2″(64mm), 3″(76mm), 3-1/4″(83mm), 3-5/8″(92mm), 3-3/4″(95mm), 4-1/8″(105mm) & 4-1/2″(114mm) hole saws; 2 mandrels; mandrel adapter; pilot drill and 12″ extension in a steel case.

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