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Chip Tender Coolant Filter System 2 ft or 6 ft



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The Chip Tender Filtering System removes coolant swarf and oil. This system is to be used with synthetics only. The Chip Tender System will trap the unwanted contaminants that float within the coolant tank.  When the oil or other properties get into your coolant, your machine tool life can be reduced.  Your machine performance will improve when you use the Chip Tender Coolant Filtering System.

  • Traps contaminants in coolant tank
  • Prolongs coolant life
  • Prolongs machine life
  • Improves machine performance

Chip Tender was designed to catch the swarf and oil from your coolant return hose while letting coolant pass through and return to the sump. Chip Tender is easy to use:

  1. Simply attach to coolant return hose with tie provided.
  2. When Chip Tender is full, simply disconnect and replace.

Available 10/pkg. in 2 ft. and 6 ft lengths. Special lengths available upon request, so please contact us.

Our clients watch their filters and change them when they appear to be full.


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