Cutting tubing in Georgia | Detroit Band Saw

I had a really interesting phone call today from Georgia. This gentleman was looking for a band saw to cut angle iron and structural tubing. He needed to have the capabilities to mitre cut, and a saw that would last for years to come. Together we decided that we were going to solve his needs with a Hyd-Mech S20 band saw. This saw is built so much better than most other saws in its class-I know he is going to have great results. We included 6 bi-metal band saw blades as well as a 5 gallon pail of Sawzit 2000 semi-synthetic cutting fluid with the purchase.
He also needed 20’ of roller conveyor to support the material he planned on cutting. His budget really didn’t allow for that though. Our solution was to sell him the actual rollers that go on a roller conveyor, and with his new saw he was going to fabricate the legs and support stands he needed to build the roller table himself! With his new saw he just saved himself nearly $2,000 by using it to fulfill one of his immediate needs. Very cool!
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-Joe Bandsaw