Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blade | Detroit Band Saw
The best carbide band saw blade for cutting induction hardened shafts, linear bearing shafts, and case hardened materials up to HRC 65.
Surface hardened component cutting has always been extremely difficult to cut. Previously, the best option was using an abrasive wheel. This process was loud, messy, and created environmental hazards that companies needed to get away from.

Advances in our carbide band saw blade technology specifically for this application have resulted in huge cost savings and production advances for our band saw blade customers. Our product needs to be run in a specific way to get the best results. We recommend running the blades at 400-425 surface feet per minute. If your saw is not capable of that speed, run it as fast as you can. Reducing the flood coolant on your saw is highly recommended for blade life. See the video of proper coolant flow on this application.

Too much coolant will cause the carbide teeth to fracture prematurely. Cutting this material dry will create unwanted heat to build up in the blade guides. A light drip will provide lubricity and optimal blade life.

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