Band Saw Tires – Stretch On Rubber Bandsaw Wheels

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Product Description

Each band saw tire is constructed of natural rubber. Bandsaw tires are 15% to 20% undersized to ensure perfect fit and are held in place on the wheel through a combination of tension and adhesive bonding. Bonded parts have immediate strength, but we recommend the machine should stand 24 to 48 hours for drying before starting.

Non-standard width bandsaw wheels may be accommodated by trimming off excess rubber tire with a sharp knife or razor. All band saw tires are sold as a single tire and prices are per tire. We recommend RT-AD 3M Industrial Adhesive for rubber tires 10 in – 20 in. and RT-ER Rubber Tire Epoxy Resin and Curing Agent for tires 24 in – 42 in.

Detroit Band Saw is a replacement parts distributor for many different saw manufacturers. Because each saw is comprised of hundreds of different parts, it would be nearly impossible to list every one. Please fill out our Parts Request form with the Model, Serial # and either the part number or an accurate description of the part, we would be pleased to send you a quote.


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